5 Summer Car Care Tips

With extremely high temperatures during the hot summer months, our cars need extra attention to ensure they are running at their best. The heat not only takes a toll on you, but it also takes a toll on your vehicle. The last thing you want is to be stranded on […] Read more »

Importance of a Regular Oil Change

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, a routine oil change can pay off in the long run. Oil plays a vital role in your vehicle’s engine. By scheduling a regular oil change, you can prevent having to pay a large sum of money down the road in costly repairs. […] Read more »

Common Car Repairs

Cars can be one of the most complicated machines, as they have many parts to their  systems. That being so, when one little goes wrong, it starts a ripple effect, often leading to other costly repairs down the road. We’ve listed some of the most common car repairs so that […] Read more »

Beat The Heat: Preparing Your Car for Summer

The Arizona summer can create a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle. The heat, dust, and stop-and-go traffic, will take their toll on your car. Keeping your vehicle maintained can prevent you from having problems in the near future and will potentially save you the cost of pricey repairs. Here […] Read more »