6 Signs You Should Have Your Brakes Checked

Scottsdale Brake Repair

BRAKE REPAIR SCOTTSDALE AZ In need of brake repair for your vehicle? Make sure to schedule your break repair appointment in Scottsdale today with Bell Union Auto Service!   We are so dependent on our cars to get us from point A to point B so if we properly maintain […] Read more »

How to Avoid Breaking Down In The Arizona Heat

Scottsdale Brake Repair

The Arizona heat can take a tole on your car, especially in the summer time. Here are some tips as to how to avoid your car breaking down due to the high heat. Replace your battery. Consider replacing your car battery if it is older than three years. Heat puts […] Read more »

Common Car Repairs

Cars can be one of the most complicated machines, as they have many parts to their  systems. That being so, when one little goes wrong, it starts a ripple effect, often leading to other costly repairs down the road. We’ve listed some of the most common car repairs so that […] Read more »