Importance of Getting a Radiator Flush in the Desert

Stay Cool in this Heat

If you live in the Valley of the Sun, you know how hot it can be for many months of the yearIn the desert, more than any other kind of climate, it is vitally important to keep the system that cools your car’s engine in excellent working condition simply because it is needed more in this extreme heat.  When combustion engines run, like those in most cars, they naturally produce heat, and it is multiplied by the heat in the air, and the engine is harder to cool.  If you don’t do regular maintenance to this system, the engine can overheat, causing damage like a blown head gasket that is expensive to repair, or other extra wear and tear on your engine.

What is a Radiator Flush?

The maintenance needed to keep your radiator in good working condition is called a radiator flush. During this procedure, the fluids are removed from your car’s cooling system by a mechanic, and the inside of the system is cleaned out. Then fresh coolant is added back into the system.  This is important because over time, the coolant you put in your radiator becomes inefficient and needs to be washed away. Sediment, rust and corrosion can start to build up and need to be cleaned out as well.  Having these detrimental elements in your car’s cooling system can cause the system to not work efficiently and eventually will cause damage. The fresh fluid lubricates the parts and helps them work properly, and it has elements in it to help avoid corrosion.

Have your Car’s Cooling System Inspected

When the mechanics perform the radiator flush, they also inspect the parts of the system, including not only the radiator and the hose but also the water pump.  It is a check up for your cooling system.  Finding any problems early is always beneficial so they can be corrected before they lead to larger engine problems.

Time to Make an Appointment

It is best to flush your radiator once a year, or as prescribed in your car’s owner’s manual.  If it is time to have your car’s radiator flushed, or if this service is long overdue, call the honest and professional staff at Bell Union Auto Service today at (602) 788-7600 to set up an appointment. Contact us today.

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