Halloween Safety Tips For Drivers

As a motorist, you can help make this the safest Halloween yet for the kids in your neighborhood. Help keep trick-or-treaters safe this Halloween with these useful tips.

tips for a safer halloween

Yield to pedestrians.

Some kids may be unsupervised while trick-or-treating and may not be watching out for cars. Make it your job to watch out for them to avoid an accident.

Drive MUCH slower than posted speed limits.

This is not the night to be in a rush. Take is slow and keep your eyes open for darting children.

drive slow halloween

Have your lights on.

Even if it seems a little too early to have your car lights on, you’d rather have them on too early than forget to turn them on altogether.

Get off your phone.

Don’t risk not seeing a trick-or-treater. Being detraction-free will help you keep an eye out for children crossing the street in the middle of the road. Make sure to put your phone down and check it when you arrive at your destination.

texting while driving safety

Use your turn signals.

Communicating with other drivers will help keep them and other pedestrians more aware of their surroundings.

Keep your own kids safe.

Before sending your kids out for the night, pack them with a flashlights or glow sticks to make them visible to other drivers.

halloween safety

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