Avoid Costly Engine Problems or Breakdowns with Regular Belt and Hose Maintenance

Avoid Costly Engine Problems or Breakdowns with Regular Belt and Hose Maintenance

Small items that need to be maintained. Hoses in your car include those in your cooling system, your fuel system and your air system. Belts are different in different cars – some have one big long serpentine belt that runs through several systems, while others have several belts to maintain. Both hoses and belts are relatively small items to maintain that play a big part in the efficient running of your car’s engine.  A snapped belt or burst hose can lead to many different problems like your engine overheating or not starting at all.  Compared to maintaining the hoses and belts, these problems can lead to extensive and costly damage. Car manufacturers differ in how often they recommend this maintenance, but many are more often than you may expect.  If you have had your car for a few years, it may be time to have them checked.

Problems a mechanic may see with your belts and hoses.  Problems with hoses that should be corrected include kinking, wear and deterioration.  The hose cannot be kinked or be touching hot or sharp parts of the engine.  They are made from rubber, so extreme heat can damage them, or something sharp can pierce them.  Belts are similar – they need the right temperature to function in and they must have the proper tension.  As belts wear, they can split and fray. A trained mechanic can detect these problems early and replace hoses or belts in order to avoid bigger problems later.

Major problems to avoid.  Both hoses and belts are part of several different systems in your car.  When it comes to your own comfort, the belt that takes part in the air conditioning system is critical.  It can get hot in a car very fast during the warm weather if this belt is not working properly or it breaks.  The coolant hose is important for your engine because it keeps it from overheating by delivering coolant to it. The drive belt, or “fan belt” works in several systems including the power steering system, and without it, it can be very difficult to steer the car. The belt also keeps the alternator going, which charges your battery.  Without that, you will not be able to start your car.  You can avoid these potential problems, too, by doing regular maintenance on the hoses and belts.

Added benefits. Procedures done during maintenance on the hoses can also reveal problems or malfunctions with other parts of the car, like checking heater hose temperatures can reveal problems with the thermostat. As with most things, the earlier a problem is caught, the better. Schedule an appointment today to have a maintenance check on your engine’s belts and hoses here at Bell Union Auto Service by calling 602 788-7600. The mechanic there can tell you how often your car’s manufacturer recommends the check.

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