5 Summer Car Care Tips

With extremely high temperatures during the hot summer months, our cars need extra attention to ensure they are running at their best. The heat not only takes a toll on you, but it also takes a toll on your vehicle. The last thing you want is to be stranded on the side of the road with a car that isn’t running.

Follow these tips to ensure you have the safest summer possible with your vehicle.

  1. Get an AC checkup.

    Not having prAC check upoperly working AC in the summer months is dangerous in the Valley of the Sun. If your AC is not running ice cold, bring it in to Bell Union Auto Service for an AC check up as soon as possible. Our friendly staff will do a comprehensive check up on your car to determine the cause of the problem.

  2. Check Your Wipers.

    With the extreme Arizona sun, windshield wipers fall victim to the heat. With it also being Monsoon season, it is a must to have properly functioning windshield wipers.

  3. Check Tire Pressure.

    To minimize wear and tare on your tires, it is good practice to check the press level of your tires. Checking the pressure of your tires can also help prevent a blow-out.
    Tire Pressure In The Summer

  4. Monitor Your Fluids.

    Bring your car in regularly to Bell Union Auto Service and we have a professional take a look at all of the fluids in your car and assess the quality of those fluids.

  5. Have an Emergency Kit.

    If you do experience car failure, it is important to be prepared. Consider keeping items such as bottled water, a first aid kit, non-perishable food and jumper cables in your car at all times.
    Emergency Car Kit During the Summer

The summer is here and it’s important to be prepared! For any of these car repair needs and more, visit Bell Union Auto Service in Scottsdale.

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